Amdahl Gear Dual Ab Wheel with Extra Thick Knee Pad

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Whether you want to improve your functional fitness or just look better the Amdahl Gear Dual Ab Wheel is a powerful tool to help you meet your goals. Many companies will claim they have created the 6 pack holy grail that can give you the core of your dreams with little to no effort almost overnight. The reality is that a strong, sexy core takes the right exercise routine and a good diet. The ab wheel plays a critical role in this journey as the simple but brilliant design allows you to stress the muscles of your core and build strength and definition far faster than other exercises. Whether you are an athlete interested in taking your performance to the next level or someone on the road to self-improvement, the Amdahl Gear Dual Ab Wheel can help you meet your goals.

WARNING : When first using the Amdahl Dual Ab Wheel begin slowly and cautiously, then progressively increase the intensity of your exercise. Please consult a physician before beginning any new exercise regimen.

EXCELLENT AB WORKOUTS: EMG results demonstrate that ab rollers are an excellent way to engage and train your core. Why waste your time or risk injury performing countless situps when our ab roller can improve your abdominal and oblique muscles in less time.
TRAIN AT HOME OR WHILE TRAVELLING: Unlike bulky gym equipment, the Amdahl Gear Dual Ab Wheel can be used both at home and when travelling.
SMOOTH ROLLING AND COMFORTABLE HANDLES: Our high quality padded foam handles fit securely on a metal axle, eliminating wheel wobble while providing extra comfort.
THICK KNEE PAD: Our extra thick (.6″/15mm) knee pad, made from the same material as many high end yoga mats, allows you to exercise on hard surfaces without hurting your knees.

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