Ballistyx Jump Rope With Adjustable Speed Cable & Contoured Ball Bearing Handles – Best For Exercising, Boxing & MMA, Home Fitness & Sports Training (GREEN)

FOR ONLY –> $19.99

Do you want to cut minutes off your workouts times?

Wouldn’t you rather be doing double unders like everyone else instead of just singles like a beginner?

Isn’t it time you got into the best shape of your life?

The secret to achieving success through jumping rope is actually quite simple. Here’s our formula:

– Get your own super-fast Ballistyx jump rope and say goodbye to slow kinky jump ropes
– Watch our free training videos and you will learn proper form and routines to take your workouts to the next level
– Practice consistently

But why jump rope? What are the benefits you ask?

– Get into shape by improving your cardio

– Burn lots of calories and lose weight

– Increase muscle tone and get a full body workout

– Lots of routines and tricks makes it fun

– Workout anywhere and even when you don’t have much time

But not all jump ropes are made equal. With the Ballistyx jump rope, you are getting a super-fast, comfortable and durable rope that is designed to meet the demands of your workouts. There is no other jump rope that has so many features and comes backed with a no questions asked money back guarantee.


DESIGNED FOR SUPER FAST ROTATION SPEEDS – The multi ball bearing system inside the handles (see photos) and the PVC polymer coated speed cable means smooth and blazing rotation speeds. It’s also designed light weight to keep you going for longer and to achieve “Ballistyx” speeds. Double unders, no problems!
FULLY ADJUSTABLE CABLE LENGTH – Our proprietary cable length adjustment system means it’s easy to adjust the length of the 10ft speed rope (suit heights all the way up to 6’6″). And unlike other jump ropes, for the very first time, no more screws to adjust the cable length (e.g. means no more loose screws). See photos.
COMFORTABLE & EASY TO USE – The ergonomic non-slip handles ensure the perfect grip even for intense or long workout sessions. The speed cable will never kink and is 100% tangle free as well. So whether you’re going to be using the Ballistyx jump rope for home fitness and cardio training, jumping exercises, boxing and MMA, we’ve got you covered.
BONUS TRAINING VIDEOS TO JUMP ROPE LIKE A PRO – Get online access to our “Jump Rope Mastery” training videos valued at $15.97. Included are routines for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels and “How To” videos for techniques like the Boxer Step, Diagonal Straddle, Double Unders and many more (instructions to access the instructional videos on our website are sent via email).
TAKE YOUR WORKOUTS TO THE NEXT LEVEL OR YOUYR MONEY BACK- In the off chance that you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it for a FULL REFUND! It’s our money back guarantee. So try the Ballistyx jump rope totally risk free!

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