Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale With Step-On Technology – Reliable and Precise lb and kg Results – Modern Clear Glass Tempered Tough Design – Large LCD Screen with Auto On/Off – 400 Pound

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Staying healthy and fit is about numbers.
That is why we made sure our total body scale shows nothing but accurate and trustworthy results.
Thanks to the large LCD Display that lets you know your weight by stepping on the scale, reading your weight measurements is easy.
Hence, you know that every time you step into it, you know you are a step closer towards a healthier you!

Your Health Is a Priority!
Our Full Body Weight Scale gives you the necessary information needed to achieve good health and greatness.
According to studies, keeping track of your fitness progress may somehow double your chances of attaining your weight loss goals.
So, Whether you are looking to shed off excess pounds of shape up, having accurate measurements will bring you a step closer to achieving your goal.

A Great Tool for Athletes and Fitness Buffs!
Whether you are an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, or bodybuilder.
having this body analysis scale at home gives you an advantage. Tracking your weight is made easy and quick.
Simply step onto the scale and read your weight from the screen.
No need to make any unnecessary adjustments. No more tapping to activate it.

Product Features:
⚖ 4 high-precision sensors that deliver accurate results
⚖ Innovative 8mm Clear Glass Design
⚖ Extra Large Four-Digit Display LCD Screen
⚖ Tempered Toughness to Accept People of Any Size
⚖ Stability Pad Suspension with overload indication
⚖ Anti-Collision Corners
⚖ Step-On Technology
⚖ Auto on/off + Auto to zero
⚖ Choose readings of lb and kg.
⚖ Capacity of 400 pound / 180 kilogram
⚖ Platform Dimensions: 11.5″ x 11.5″ Inch

Calculate your weight progress in seconds and step forward with confidence and comfort every day.
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⚖ A RELIABLE TOOL FOR YOUR WEIGHT IMPROVEMENT JOURNEY – Whether you are on a strict diet or you are working hard to gain or lose some weight, you need a scale with super reliability that you can count on. Therefore, we have created our bathroom scale with correct and accurate measurements in pounds or kilograms; 400 lb / 180 kg capacity, to guide you to your weight goals with honesty.
⚖ “STEP-ON TECHNOLOGY” AND INNOVATIVE DESIGN – What makes our Weighing Scale Machine a great option is its “Step-On Technology” that allows you to easily and conveniently step on the scale without having to press any buttons or move pieces like those old fashioned Mechanical Graduated Beam Floor Scales. In addition, its clear glass design makes it a beautiful addition to your home, regardless of the theme or surroundings.
⚖ LARGE LCD SCREEN WITH A VARIETY OF READINGS – Our Electronic Human body Scale for weight and muscle features 4 high-precision sensors that delivers precise and accurate results in pounds or kilograms + an extra large four-digit display LCD screen, which allows you to read and view your weight, even in a low-lit environment and in almost all angles.
⚖ TEMPERED STRENGTH THAT IS BUIT FOR ANYONE AND EVERYONE – The home smart body composition scale is built with a durable 8 mm clear tempered glass platform resilient enough to provide years of fitness tracking – with a capacity of 400 pounds / 180 kilo grams, it can accept the standing pressure from men and women, adult and kids of any size with breaking or getting damaged.
⚖ NO ASSEMBLY/SETUP REQUIRED – The moment you take this body fat analyzer scale out of the box, it is ready to go to work. Simply pull the adhesive strip tab from the included battery and you are all set. This amazing weight tracking tool features an Auto on/off or Auto set to zero, Plus, a low battery or overload indicator! All the useful features are included in this versatile tool.

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