Lift Heavy Fitness Body Fat Measuring Caliper and Tape Combo :Free downloadable Body fat, Weight and Body Measurement chart for both men and women: Free download mini ebook on weight loss

FOR ONLY –> $9.99

Body fat calipers are one of the most accurate ways to determine body fat percentage. Much more accurate than any electronic device. Simple to use directions can teach anyone how to use. Testing takes minutes and you can see where the fat melting away.FREE -Downloadable weekly tracking chart and multiple pinch spots for higher accuracy
Portable: Perfect for fitness enthusiasts and personal trainers Accurate: Motivate and see where the inches start to melt off. Lets you know that your doing it.l trainers.
EASY USE- Anyone can quickly learn the very basic and advanced method tests so even if you have never done one you will learn from basic instruction sheet.
ACCURATE- excellent tool with higher accuracy then electric body fat testers so you know the results are real and can be proud of.
WARRANTY- Life time warranty, no questions asked returns.

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