SmarterLife Travel Pillow – Top Rated Luxurious Memory Foam Neck Pillow – Hypoallergenic – Best Neck Pillows for Air, Car & Train Travel – Perfect for Home Use & Camping, Too (Crimson Sky Red)

FOR ONLY –> $39.97

Optimal Combination of Comfort, Support, Size, & Weight

– High density memory foam conforms to your neck, shoulders, & chin – doesn’t push head forward like other products

– U-shape design is open at front to accommodate all neck sizes, eliminates tightness or choking feel

– Drawstring for perfect fit – clasp separates for easy removal

– Ideal height accommodates ear buds, headphones

Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic

– Premium memory foam manufactured using eco-friendly materials & processes

– Jacquard style velour is hypoallergenic, resistant to pet dander, pollen, and dust mites – Ventilated to “breathe” and avoid overheating

– Incredibly soft on skin

– No toxic smells

Buy Two – One for Travel, One for Home

– Best for airplane, train & car travel

– Great for reading in bed, using iPad, watching TV, or napping

– Idea for massage, after workouts, and camping

Smart Design, Made to Last

– High quality materials, stitching, & zipper components

– Easy to remove & clean cover

What’s in the Box

– SmartRest II Premium Travel Pillow – Soft Pearl Gray, Crimson Sky Red, Deep Sea Blue

– Matching drawstring travel bag

We Are SmarterLife Products®

– We’re a family-owned, Colorado-based company that offers the very best eco-friendly fitness, health and lifestyle products for people who want to live smarter

– We started our company when we realized that it was hard to find purposefully made items that were good for us and the environment

– We hope you’ll give us a try

Order Now While You Can!

– For a limited time, we are offering the SmartRest Premium Travel Pillow at a 75% discount

– And receive an exclusive BONUS: “10 Not-To-Miss Places You Should Visit in 2016″❤️️ BEST TRAVEL PILLOW FOR ULTIMATE COMFORT & SUPPORT – The SmartRest U-shaped travel neck pillow is made of the highest quality, softest memory foam that molds to your neck for ultimate support & comfort – Adjustable drawstring makes for a perfect fit for any body type
⚖️ PROPER NECK AND HEAD ALIGNMENT – Proper alignment is essential to avoid neck stiffness, headaches, and discomfort so the SmartRest Premium Neck Pillow uses an innovative memory foam material that is super soft yet supportive of your head and neck – One size fits all – men and women
✈️ GREAT ACCESSORY FOR TRAVEL & HOME – Best neck pillow for travel – airplanes, car rides, train commutes, bus trips – Use at home or in the office for desk work, reading, watching TV and hot baths — Great for physical therapy, massage table, camping and more – Use the neck pillows drawstring to attach to luggage handle
✳️ LUXURIOUS JACQUARD PLUSH COVER – The zippered travel pillow cover is made of ventilated jacquard velour velvet that is vented so it “breathes” to ensure maximum comfort and luxurious feel – Cover is removable and safely hand-washable – Impervious to pollen, pet dander & dust mites
ℹ️ AVAILABLE IN 3 COLORS – The SmarterLife Products SmartRest Premium Neck Pillow is simply the best neck pillows for travel and home use and is available in Soft Pearl Gray, Crimson Sky Red, and Deep Sea Blue – With matching-color water repellent travel pouch to stow pillow – Includes BONUS “10 Not-To-Miss Places You Should Visit in 2017” + Free BONUS eBook “How to Become Your Best Self” (emailed separately) — MONEY-BACK 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

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