Stacker 2 Energy Shots, Berry, 24 Shots 2oz. Bottle

FOR ONLY –> $34.99

Stacker 2 Berry Flavored Energy Shots are the perfect, convenient energy boost for people on the go. You get 24 factory sealed shot bottles with 2oz. of delicious tasting Berry Flavor inside. Zero Fat, Zero Carbs, Zero Calories, just great taste. The Stacker 2 line of diet and energy supplements have been manufactured by NVE Pharmaceuticals pioneers in diet, energy and sports nutrition supplements for over 35 years. Stacker 2 Energy Shots are superior to most energy shots because they do not contain sugar or calories but do taste great. When you’re looking for energy for work, school or play, there is only one choice-Stacker 2 Energy Shots manufactured by NVE Pharmaceuticals. Stacker 2 Energy Shots are available in delicious flavors: Berry, Orange, Grape, Punch, Extra Grape, Extra Berry, Extra Pomegranate. Try one today.Stacker 2 Energy Shots Berry Flavor
24 Shot Bottles, 2oz. in each Shot
Brand New and Factory Sealed
Zero Fat, Zero Sugar, Zero Calories

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